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Eric Hong

Mrs. Alyse, Emilio's piano teacher, writes "Eric comes to lessons very prepared, often with the music memorized. He responds well to feedback and is always open to learning new skills. Eric does not get frustrated with newer, more challenging songs and this is one of the reasons he has improved quickly.  We have learned a lot of music in the short time he has studied the piano because of his diligence in personal practice."

Congratulations from all of us at San Marino Music Center!

Asutin Hwang

Mr. Kevin, Austin's drum teacher, writes "Austin’s enthusiasm, good attitude and technical improvements have earned him Student of the Month!  In the video, you can hear Austin playing the Melvin Parker drum part from James Brown’s “I feel good”. This is not exactly an easy part to play and highlights Austin's commitment to practicing outside of the lessons.  Keep up the good work!"

Congratulations from all of us at San Marino Music Center!


Upright Pianos For Sale or Rent

We are pleased to offer a pair of Japanese brand upright pianos available for sale or for rent: a Yamah U2H and a pair of Kawai BL31.  Both of these instruments are on display at our Mission location and ready for any family with aspiring young piano students to bring them home!

Features include:

  • Finish: polished Ebony
  • Height = 50", Width = 60, Depth = 24"
  • Four solid hardwood backposts
  • High quality spruce soundboard
  • Hard maple bridges
  • Yamaha balanced key action
  • Only 1 available

Sale price = $3,700

Purchase includes piano bench, moving fees and a free, in-home piano tuning by our technician.

Yamaha U2H Piano


Features include:

  • Finish: polished Ebony
  • Height = 49", Width = 60, Depth = 24"
  • Made in Japan
  • Solid spruce soundboard
  • Kawai key action
  • Mahogany Hammers
  • We have a total of two available to rent

Rental Fee = $75/month

A minimum rental period of 6 months is required along with a refundable $500 deposit.  Moving and tuning fees not included.

Kawai BL 31 Piano for Rent


Why Consider A Piano Instead Of A Keyboard?

Often enough, first time piano students will start learning to play piano on a keyboard instead of an actual piano.  The reasons are many, but they can be boiled down to two primary reason: 1) pianos are large and there is not enough space at home and 2) they are expensive and parents are not sure if the student is committed to justify the expense.  While these are valid points, the benefit of learning to play piano on an actual piano are overlooked or not considered at all!  These being:

·A quality acoustic instrument that produces sound from real strings and real wood offers a level of responsiveness and a range of dynamics and tone color that even the nicest digital piano cannot match. The sooner a student has the opportunity to practice on an acoustic instrument with that kind of nuanced musical responsiveness, the better.

·Acoustic pianos offer better control over the articulation and expression of the musical notes. A digital piano, on the other hand, can only mimic the sound of the acoustic piano. Digital pianos play sampled sounds, and thus don't allow for the same acoustic nuances or overtones.

·Key sizes can vary widely between digital keyboards, which can be frustrating to students switching back and forth between digital keyboards at home and acoustic pianos at the lesson.

·Electric keyboards can greatly hinder the progress of the student’s foundation in hand position, arm weight, and other technique.

·Acoustic pianos have a much higher resale value than digital pianos, whose value depreciates drastically as new, more technologically advanced models come out.

·An acoustic piano comes with three pedals: soft pedal, sostenuto pedal, and sustain pedal. (The sustain pedal is commonly used in all genres of music, while the soft and sostenuto pedal are more frequently used in classical music). Some digital pianos come with only a sustain pedal, and some (in particular portable digital pianos) don’t come with any. Of course, you can purchase a sustain pedal separately, but the other two pedals—sostenuto and soft pedal—are rarely available as an add-on option.

There is nothing wrong with piano students who start to learn the instrument on a keyboard, but, it's simply preferable for music students to learn on an acoustical instrument.  Ask any piano teacher and 9 out of ten will surely agree!

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