2018 Fall Recital

2018 Fall Music Recital: November 18th

All performances are free to the public.  Please be sure to arrive at 20 minutes before the scheduled start of the performance and look for SMMC staff member to be seated accordingly.  As a courtesy to performers, attendees will only be allowed to enter/exit the auditorium during breaks in the performance and all families are expected to stay for the complete duration of each show. Parking is available onsite.

On the day of the performance:

  • Dress code: Boys = collared shirts, slacks and dress shoes.  Girls = formal dress or skirt, blouse and slacks.  Female Guitarists = long skirt or slacks.
  • Please DO NOT wear jeans or tennis shoes whatsoever.
  • When you arrive, locate room 300 (stand-alone one story building to the left from the parking entrance), walk in and locate SMMC staff/teacher for assigned seating.
  • Feel free to take pictures and record video, but please SILENCE ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES out of respect to the performers.
  • PARKING: Onsite parking is available. Additional parking is available at 50 and 72 N. Hill Ave as these lots are open all day on weekends.
  • The order of the names in the tables below does not represent concert line up!

Location: Pasadena Conservatory of Music

100 N Hill Ave, Pasadena, CA 91106.

Performance I

Student Arrival Time = 1:10 pm
Concert Start Time = 1:30 pm

Student's Name Teacher's Name Instrument
Eric Hong Alyse Hokamp Piano
Noah Hong Alyse Hokamp Piano
Aaron Arnold Esteban Obando Piano
Jasmine Arnold Esteban Obando Piano
Brayden Wong Esteban Obando Piano
Megan Yarusso Esteban Obando Piano
Victoria Abelev Esteban Obando Piano
Briana Jacob Esteban Obando Piano
Kiriana Jacob Esteban Obando Piano
Victor Moy Esteban Obando Piano
Nate Girvigian Josh Moore Guitar
Alo Gorham Nan Deng Piano
Ethan Gorham Nan Deng Piano
Nicholas Grossi Nan Deng Piano
Sophia Grossi Nan Deng Piano
Maeve Wu Nan Deng Piano
Olivia Kau Tina Chapkinyan Piano & Violin
Ryan Yarusso Tina Chapkinyan Violin
Celine Chih Tina Chapkinyan Violin
Lamont Wong Nick Hon Drums
Sophia Gispert Nick Hon Piano
Sarah Allen Rachel Schlenz Voice

Performance II

Student Arrival Time = 3:10 pm
Concert Start Time = 3:30 pm

Student's Name Teacher's Name Instrument
Maya Church Armin Mariano Violin
Mark O'mara Cameron Ghahremani Piano
Ashley Huynh Cameron Ghahremani Piano
Kaitlin Nguyen Cameron Ghahremani Piano
Joshua Chien Cameron Ghahremani Piano
Jeremy Chien Cameron Ghahremani Piano
Dylan Burke Cameron Ghahremani Piano
Brendon Chun Cameron Ghahremani/Elzbieta Nawrocka Trumpet & Piano
Joshua Bromley Christine Smit Piano
Kate Chun Elzbieta Nawrocka Piano
Michelle Erdenebat Elzbieta Nawrocka Piano
Emma Beubis Elzbieta Nawrocka Piano
Nicholas Epstein Elzbieta Nawrocka Piano
Noah Beubis Jason Golday Guitar
Henry Teltser Jason Golday Guitar
Graham Burke Jason Golday Guitar
Emma Cates Patrick Shiroishi Piano
Logan Wong Patrick Shiroishi Piano
Gena Lim Sisilia Axume Piano
Hannah Lim Sisilia Axume Piano
Jaxon Huynh Victor Carraceo Drums

Performance III

Student Arrival Time = 5:10 pm
Concert Start Time = 5:30 pm

Student's Name Teacher's Name Instrument
Chloe Saroughian Amy Schleusner Violin
Gabriel Reyes Amy Schleusner Violin
Michael Reyes Amy Schleusner Violin
Maika Otgonbayer Cameron Ghahremani Piano
Olivia Lin Dylan Ewen Piano
Story Scott Guro Elverhoei Piano
Devon Scott Guro Elverhoei Piano
Louise Battarel Guro Elverhoei Piano
Harrison Porter Guro Elverhoei Piano
Sasha Gracia Guro Elverhoei Piano
Jackie Zhao Guro Elverhoei Piano
Hannah Ponce Guro Elverhoei Piano
Apollie Tsai Guro Elverhoei Piano
Marcus Lin Guro Elverhoei Piano
Bridget Bickell Juan Sixto Guitar
Juliet Oberley Patrick Shiroishi Guitar
Sophie Oberley Patrick Shiroishi Guitar
Todd Otgonbayer Sara Jones Violin
Haley Leung Sara Jones Violin
David Huang Sara Jones Violin
Katherine Frausto Sara Jones Violin
Aiden Wong Sean Mulholland Guitar