2018 Spring Recital

2018 Spring Recital: May 27th

All performances are free to the public.  Please be sure to arrive 20 minutes before the scheduled start of the performance.  As a courtesy to performers, attendees will only be allowed to enter/exit the auditorium during breaks in the performance. Parking is available onsite.

On the day of the performance:

  • Dress code: Boys = collared shirts, slacks and dress shoes.  Girls = formal dress or skirt, blouse and slacks.  Female guitarists: long skirt or slacks.
  • Please DO NOT wear jeans or tennis shoes whatsoever.
  • When you arrive, locate room 300 (stand-alone one story building to the left from the parking entrance), walk in and locate SMMC staff/teacher for assigned seating.
  • Feel free to take pictures and record video, but please SILENCE ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES out of respect to the performers.
  • PARKINGOn site parking is available. Additional parking is available at 50 and 72 N. Hill Ave as these lots are open all day on weekends.
  • The order of the names on the tables below does not represent concert line up!

The order of the names does not represent concert line up!

Location: Pasadena Conservatory of Music

100 N. Hill Ave, Pasadena, CA 91106

Performance I

Student Arrival Time = 12:40 pm
Concert Start Time = 1 pm

Student's Name Teacher's Name Instrument
Caroline Boles Aimee Acevedo Flute
Ellie Sahand Aimee Acevedo Flute
Hanna Bae Alex Thompson Cello
Matthew Hannon Dylan Ewen Piano
Zachary Phillips Jeff Melendez Clarinet
Brian Heckman Jeff Melendez Saxophone
Julian Solis Jeff Pifher Saxophone
Sofia Chen Joshua Linsky Piano
Caroline Voxman Joshua Linsky Piano
Reagan Voxman Joshua Linsky Piano
Naomi Diehl Joshua Linsky Piano
Lucas An Juan Sixto Guitar
Santiago Valle Guro Elverhoi Piano
Ethan Lee Patrick Shiroishi Saxophone
Ryan Lee Patrick Shiroishi Saxophone
Samantha Shiroishi Patrick Shiroishi Guitar
Jayden Pease Kevin Yokota Drums
Austin Hwang Kevin Yokota Drums
Stanley Wei Sean Mullholland Guitar
Illeana Zieger Sean Mullholland Guitar
Sara Ponce Sean Mullholland Guitar
Nicholas Sahand Sean Mullholland Guitar
Devina Palak Sean Mullholland Guitar
Pablo Valle Sean Mullholland Guitar

Performance II

Student Arrival Time = 2:40 pm
Concert Start Time = 3 pm

Student's Name Teacher's Name Instrument
Allyson Wang  Amanda Campos Flute
Paige Tang Amanda Campos Saxophone
Evanna Wong Amanda Campos Flute
Diego Obando Cameron Ghahremani Trumpet
Enrique Obando Cameron Ghahremani Trombone
Emilio Lois  Cameron Ghahremani Trumpet
Ryan Eng  Cameron Ghahremani Piano
Trent Reimers Dylan Ewen Piano
Finley Nichols  Dylan Ewen Piano
Adam Chen Dylan Ewen Piano
Joanna Kountouris Dylan Ewen Piano
Arabella Lee Elzbieta Nawrocka Piano
Alexander Lee Elzbieta Nawrocka Piano
Elizabeth Frausto Esteban Obando Piano
Alexander Sanko Esteban Obando Piano
Mia Lin Esteban Obando Piano
Ethan Lin Esteban Obando Piano
Diya Razdan Esteban Obando Piano
Sophia Lee Sun Guro Elverhoi Piano
Brandi Waltke John Axume Guitar
Dylan Feak Kevin Yokota Drums
Jaden Farmer Patrick Shiroishi Piano
Zak Chayette Patrick Shiroishi Piano
Noel English Rachel Schlenz Voice

Performance III

Student Arrival Time =4:40 pm
Concert Start Time = 5 pm

Student's Name Teacher's Name Instrument
Cara Yamamoto Annmarie Stanilaus Piano
Joshua Chien Guro Elverhoei Piano
Victoria Tao Guro Elverhoei Piano & Vocal
Shelby Kao Guro Elverhoei Piano
Molly Tosta Guro Elverhoei Piano
Chloe Pu Guro Elverhoei Voice
Grant Yamamoto Guro Elverhoei Piano
Avery Littman Jason Golday Guitar
Amy Zhao Jason Golday Guitar
Riley Wong Jason Golday Guitar
Marco Repetto Jason Golday Guitar
Rory Gookin Jason Golday Guitar
Julian Blanco Jason Golday Guitar
Lex Sengelmann Jason Golday/Victor Carracedo Guitar & Drums
Jack Ye Jason Golday/Jiana Wu Guitar & Piano
Jemma Yuan Jiana Wu Piano
Claire Littman John Axume Guitar
Olivia Yamamoto Joshua Moore Guitar
Shaurya Nadkarni Dylan Ewen Piano
Victor Tao Victor Carracedo Drums
Carlo Repetto Victor Carracedo Drums

Performance IV

Student Arrival Time = 6:40 pm
Concert Start Time = 7 pm

Student's Name Teacher's Name Instrument
Liam Boland  Annmarie Stanislaus Piano
Emma Shen Annmarie Stanislaus Piano
Brylee Woo Danielle Oda Piano
Caroline Fall  Danielle Oda Voice
Tahlia Orellana Danielle Oda Piano
Ginger Palenik Danielle Oda Voice
Derek Tung Danielle Oda Piano
Megan Choa  Danielle Oda & Sisilia Axume Voice & Piano
Leo Bugbee Federico Llach Piano
Zach Vasko Federico Llach Piano
Isaiah Huang Federico Llach Piano
Milosh Jovanovic Federico Llach Piano
Anka Jovanovic Federico Llach & Sara Jones Piano & Violin
Mitchell Manas John Axume Guitar
Brandon Chung Nan Deng Piano
Liam White Nan Deng Piano
Connie Luo Nan Deng Piano
Layla Luo Nan Deng Piano
Erin Sagkan Sara Jones Violin
Michael Mo Sara Jones Violin
Nicholas Weaver Sara Jones Violin
Diego Zavala Sara Jones Viola
Jerry Shi Sara Jones Violin
Kimi F. Sara Jones Violin