2019 Spring Music Recital

2019 Spring Music Recital: April 28

All performances are free to the public. Please be sure to arrive 20 minutes before the scheduled start of your show. As a courtesy to performers, attendees will only be allowed to enter/exit the auditorium during breaks in the performance. Onsite parking is available.  Additional parking can be found at 70 & 52 N. Hill Ave, also free of charge.

On the day of the performance:

  • Dress code: Boys = collared shirts, slacks and dress shoes.  Girls = formal dress or skirt, blouse and slacks.  Female Guitarists = long skirt or slacks.
  • Please DO NOT wear jeans or tennis shoes whatsoever.
  • When you arrive, locate room 300 (stand-alone one story building to the left from the parking entrance), walk in and locate SMMC staff/teacher for assigned seating.  STUDENTS: PLEASE BRING YOUR MUSIC (if it is not memorized)!
  • Feel free to take pictures and record video, but please SILENCE ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES out of respect to the performers.
  • PARKING: Onsite parking is available. Additional parking is available at 50 and 72 N. Hill Ave as these lots are open all day on weekends

Please note: The order of the performers in the table below does not represent the actual performance order for each show.


Location: Pasadena Conservatory of Music

100 N. Hill Ave, Pasadena CA 91106.

Performance I

Student Arrival Time = 1:10 pm
Concert Start Time = 1:30 pm

Student's NameTeacher's NameInstrument
Milani AndersonAnthony HernandezPiano
Jeremiah HsuAnthony HernandezPiano
Zach VaskoAnthony HernandezPiano
Jack KangChris Fields/Danielle OdaCello/Piano
Tahlia OrellanaDanielle OdaPiano
Elle KangGuro ElverhoeiPiano
Emi PhamGuro ElverhoeiPiano
Lucia ManceraGuro ElverhoeiPiano
Sophia Lee SunGuro ElverhoeiPiano/Voice
Ethan XiaoNicholas HonDrums
Henry KangPatrick ShiroishiPiano
Monica LeeRyland KellyDrums
Dylan FeakRyland KellyDrums
Izzy CooperSean MullhollandUkulele
Marco HuSean MullhollandGuitar
Nicolas SahandSean MullhollandGuitar
Clarissa WongTina ChapkinyanPiano
Daniel WongTina ChapkinyanViolin
Joaquin VivarTina ChapkinyanViolin

Performance II

Student Arrival Time = 3:10 pm
Concert Start Time = 3:30 pm

Student's NameTeacher's NameInstrument
Hannah LooseArmin MarianoViolin
Megan SeldenArmin MarianoViolin
Quinn ManningDylan EwenPiano
Shaurya NadkarniDylan EwenPiano
Penelope CrewElzbieta NawrockaPiano
Arabella LeeElzbieta NawrockaPiano
Chloe LaiElzbieta NawrockaPiano
Kaylie LinElzbieta NawrockaPiano
Alexander SankoEsteban ObandoPiano
Collin SzeEsteban ObandoPiano
Elizabeth FraustoEsteban ObandoPiano
Juliet CrewEsteban ObandoPiano
Sasha SengelmannEsteban ObandoPiano
Lex SengelmannJason Golday/Victor CarracedoGuitar/Drums
Alexander LeeJason GoldayGuitar
Abigail SzetoSisilia AxumePiano
Victoria LeeSisilia AxumePiano
Carlo RepettoVictor CarracedoDrums
Victor TaoVictor CarracedoDrums

Performance III

Student Arrival Time = 5:10 pm
Concert Start Time = 5:30 pm

Student's NameTeacher's NameInstrument
Max SlatteryAmanda CamposClarinet
Bennett ColburnCameron GhahremaniTrombone
Karrie DoongCameron GhahremaniPiano
Marcus OlsonCameron GhahremaniTrombone
Aaron LeeJason GoldayGuitar
Devina PathakJason GoldayGuitar
Diego ObandoJason GoldayGuitar
Enrique ObandoJason GoldayGuitar
Jack YeJason GoldayGuitar
Piper SvihovecJason GoldayGuitar
Riley WongJason GoldayGuitar
Rory GookinJason GoldayGuitar
Brian HeckmanJeff MelendezSaxophone
Zachary PhillipsJeff MelendezClarinet
Aldo CaliKunyou GuanPiano
Iris LiMercedes QuintanaViolin
Zak ChayettePatrick ShiroishiPiano
Chloe ChuSara JonesViolin
Marcus NesnasSara JonesViolin
Michael MoSara JonesViolin
Miracle RatsavongSara JonesViolin
Andrew CaliNan DengPiano