Student of the Month, February 2023

Piano Student, Douglas C. Douglas has been playing piano for a few years and hopes that one day he can play classical scores like John Williams’ Star Wars. Nearing closer to his goal each day, Douglas consistently shows improvement and has strengthened his sight reading skills and sense of rhythm. With the more challenging songs Read More

Student of the Month, December 2022

Piano Student, Madeline G. Already a flutist with her school’s concert band, piano student Madeline started taking piano lessons at SMMC in February and has made quick progress. With her flute playing in band helping develop her musical ability and music theory, Madeline is able to focus on the fundamentals of hand coordination in her Read More

Student of the Month, November 2022

Electric Guitar Student, Paige G. Originally starting with piano, Paige has taken lessons with SMMC since 2015. After about two years of piano lessons, she made the switch to acoustic guitar and has been playing on and off ever since. After pausing lessons during the height of the pandemic, Paige returned to guitar with a Read More

Student of the Month, October 2022

Piano Student, Kara W. Many parents are wary about starting young students with online lessons, but when Kara was ready to begin piano lessons, they opted to give it a try. Kara did a great job and had lots of fun, so after the first lesson, both Kara’s mom and her teacher, Mr. Armin, decided Read More

Student of the Month, September 2022

Guitar Student, Finn P. Finn takes guitar lessons with Mr. Lukas. They started last October and in under a year have made great progress with their dedication and hard work. In addition to working on the songs that interest them in their free time, Finn puts in the time to practice and master the technical Read More

Student of the Month, August 2022

Online Piano Student, Isabella V. August’s Student of the Month, Isabella, has been taking online piano lessons at SMMC since January, 2021. Playing for over a year and remaining online all the while, Isabella has been able to progress well in her lessons. Now, she has been able to start working on transposing music. Transposing Read More

Student of the Month, July 2022

Piano Student, Maya B. Maya first started piano lessons with SMMC in 2017 and has been playing ever since. In this stage of her piano lessons Maya has progressed to more difficult music featuring difficult rhythms, accidentals, and syncopation. Accidentals are notes of a certain pitch that are NOT a member of the scale indicated Read More