Private Classes

Our private lessons are tailored to do one thing: build a strong foundation.  We believe this is achieved by teaching students to learn to read music, study playing techniques and exercises related to their instrument,   and to play music of various styles.  We also believe a student should learn to play music they enjoy to inspire a sense of personal accomplishment, build a musical identity and establish a sense of ownership for a student's instrument.

Each of our classes is tailored to the students needs and progression rate.  Each student is also encouraged and challenged to improve on a week to week basis.  If you do not have an instrument, one can be rented for a monthly fee that the student can take home to practice on.  Click below to see what instruments we offer and our rates:

Group Classes

Our group classes are aimed either complete beginners looking to take their "first steps" on an instrument, or they are geared toward intermediate level students who already play an instrument well, but want to experience making music with other musicians their age!  Regardless of the class level, all players are encouraged to participate to the best of their abilities to learn and perform music!  So if you're learning to rock in our Rock Band class, how to improvise in our Jazz Combo class, or exploring music for the first time in our Tiny-Finger Piano class, you are sure to have fun and make music along the way.

Jazz Combo

Rock Band

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