Beginner Voice


Duration: Oct 16-Nov 20
Days/Times: Fri at 2:30-3:15
Location: SMMC’s Zoom Meeting Platform
Material Fee: There is no material fee for this class.
Age Range:  10 yrs old and up
Policies: Registration for the course is final and nonrefundable. Upon registering, SMMC will provide you with your Zoom Meeting ID and password for the class. If a class is missed, SMMC will provide the link to be able to view the class on your own.

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Beginner Voice

This online group class is a six-week course designed to build a solid foundation for students who’d like to learn how to sing.  In taking the course, students will learn proper singing posture and breathing technique.  They will be taught exercises involving hissing, buzzing, humming and siren calls to understand how to use their body as an instrument.  Participants will undergo ear training to learn to match pitch and identify changes in pitch.  They will learn about their “natural” speaking pitch, how to vocalize it and how to expand to other pitches from there.

The various warm-ups and exercises used in class will build the foundation from which the student will learn how to sing.  Participants will learn to vocalize scales. They will learn to sing scale warm-ups that are in their range.  As the classes progress, these warm-ups will slowly build the singers ability to expand their own vocal range. In addition, students will learn to sing various songs from repertoire that includes musicals and children’s movies.  They will also learn pop songs and classic melodies and more!

In addition to learning how to sing, students will learn to do so in a healthy manner.  Students understand how & what stretching exercises can warm-up vocal chords.  Students will be taught how important breathing is to singing by learning about air support.  Having enough air by taking proper breaths will help students achieve their singing goals.  In addition, students will learn how to take care of their vocal chords by learning about what damages them.  In doing so, students will understand to make good choices to promote vocal health.