Hearos Ear Plug & Vic Firth Kid’s Sticks


Hearos Ear Plug Features:

-Noise Reduction Rating of 27 decibels
-Comfortable design
-Washable and reusable
-Carrying case

KidStick Features:

-Shorter and thinner design for small hands
-Made of hickory
-“Tear Drop” tip for precision
-Personable blue or pink color

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Drummer Gifts: Hearos Ear Plug & Vic Firth Kid Sticks

This drummer gift package includes the Hearos Rock’N Roll Series Ear Plugs and Vic Firth Kid Sticks. The Hearos Rock’N Roll Series provides performance and comfort at a great price. This ear plug offers a certified Noise Reduction Rating of 27 decibels which is among the highest of any reusable ear plug. It’s innovative, soft 2 dome and 2 flat disk flanges provides comfort in the ear while also providing protection. Use during practice sessions, performances, attending concerts, use in noisy work environments, while traveling or while trying to study. The application for these ear buds are endless!

The Vic Firth Kid Sticks are simply cool and personable sticks suitable for the young drummer. These sticks are suitable to use for children ages 3-8 years old as they are shorter and thinner than a full size stick. These features make it easier for small hands to hold. But don’t fool yourself into thinking they lack quality. Made from the same hickory as their full size counterpart, these KidSticks are just mini version of the real deal.

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