Jungle Boogie


Duration: 5/28, 6/4, 6/11, 6/18, 6/25
Days/Times: Thurs at 2-2:45
Location: SMMC’s Zoom Meeting Platform
Material Fee: There is no material fee for this class.
Age Range:  0-6 yrs old
Policies: Registration for the course is final and nonrefundable. Upon registering, SMMC will provide you with your Zoom Meeting ID and password for the class. If a class is missed, SMMC will provide the link to be able to view the class on your own.

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Join us and SMMC instructor Ms. Valerie as we romp, stomp, sing and swing through the vines of “Jungle Boogie“! This early childhood music class is geared towards the littlest of cubs up through young children aged 6.  Children will learn about musical ideas such as tempo, dynamics, rhythm, pitch and so much more all while singing, dancing and performing movements to reinforce musical concepts.  Children use music daily, whether they know it or not.  Young babies vocalize sounds before learning to speak.  Music can be used to help toddlers focus or understand emotional concepts.  Lastly, ALL children use music during playtime, whether it’s intentional or not.  Children use music in many sophisticated ways that is intrinsic to their development, stimulating expression, emotional, physical, intellectual growth and

“Jungle Boogie” aims to tap into a child’s innate relationship with music to engage in and learn about music.  Children will be encouraged to sing, clap, dance and make music based on a musical theme for the day.  SMMC’s play-based approach to “Jungle Boogie” will engage the students at their level-in a fun, encouraging and supportive manner.  Students will be introduce to characters to reinforce musical concepts like “Tempo Tiger”, “Piano Puma” or “Forte Frog” to entertain, engage the imagination and educate all at once!  Don’t get left behind and join us on this musical animal adventure of FUN!

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5/28, 6/4, 6/11, 6/18, 6/25


Thurs from 2-2:45


SMMC's Zoom Meeting Platform

Material Fee

There is no material fee for this class. 

Age Range

0-6 yrs old


Registration for the course if final and not refundable. If a class is missed, SMMC will provide the link to be able to view the class on your own.