Pop Star Songwriting Online


Duration: Jan 20-Mar 3
Days/Times: Wednesday, 3-3:45 pm
Location: SMMC’s Zoom Meeting Platform
Material Fee: No material fee. Handouts will be provided as necessary
Age Range: 10+ yrs old
Policies: Registration for the course is final and nonrefundable. If a class is missed, the student will be able to access a recording of the missed class.

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Pop Star Songwriting Online

In Pop Star Songwriting online group class, participants will learn the ins and outs of how to write a pop hit single!  The class is open to all music students regardless of their instrument.  So if you are a vocalist, keyboardist, guitarist-does not matter.  Pop Star songwriting will have you writing hit singles in no time!

The class will be taught by taking a look at the different elements that go into a pop song.  Primarily, lyric writing will be a key feature that each student will learn.  Understanding the theme of a song and elements to support that theme will be covered so each song has a cohesive idea.  Next, students will dive into melodies.  They will learn about scales and how certain notes can evoke happy versus sad emotions.  They will also learn about melodic range, sequences, motifs, repetitions, hooks and how all these elements come into play.  Lastly, students will then take a look at harmony.  They will understand how to select from various chords to support their melodies.

The goal of the class will be for each student to write their own basic pop song from scratch!  Students will also be exposed to what is known as “Pop-lining.”  This is when artists are given a musical track to work on and modify into a single.  All in all, music students will come away with a better understanding for the music they listen to and how songs are built so they have the tools to create for themselves. To learn more about this class, visit our YouTube page by clicking HERE.