2019 Fall Music Recital

2019 Fall Music Recital: November 24

All performances are free to the public. Please be sure to arrive 20 minutes before the scheduled start of your show. As a courtesy to performers, attendees will only be allowed to enter/exit the auditorium during breaks in the performance. Onsite parking is available.  Additional parking can be found at 70 & 52 N. Hill Ave, also free of charge.

On the day of the performance:

  • Dress code: Boys = collared shirts, slacks and dress shoes.  Girls = formal dress or skirt, blouse and slacks.  Female Guitarists = long skirt or slacks.
  • Please DO NOT wear jeans or tennis shoes whatsoever.
  • When you arrive, locate room 300 (stand-alone one story building to the left from the parking entrance), walk in and locate SMMC staff/teacher for assigned seating.  STUDENTS: PLEASE BRING YOUR MUSIC (if it is not memorized)!
  • Feel free to take pictures and record video, but please SILENCE ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES out of respect to the performers.
  • PARKING: Onsite parking is available. Additional parking is available at 50 and 72 N. Hill Ave as these lots are open all day on weekends

Please note: The order of the performers in the table below does not represent the actual performance order for each show.


Location: Pasadena Conservatory of Music

100 N. Hill Ave, Pasadena CA 91106.

Performance I

Student Arrival Time = 1:10 pm
Concert Start Time = 1:30 pm

Student's NameTeacher's NameInstrument
Caroline BolesAimee AcevedoFlute
Kaley PhamAimee AcevedoFlute
Joshua ChienCameron Ghahremani/Juan SixtoPiano/Guitar
Brendon ChunCameron GhahremaniTrumpet
Maika OtgonbayerCameron GhahremaniPiano
Jeremy ChienCameron GhahremaniPiano
Jocelyn NguyenCameron GhahremaniPiano
Kaitlin NguyenCameron GhahremaniPiano
Katherine PhamCameron GhahremaniPiano
Ashley HyuhnCameron GhahremaniPiano
Elizabeth FraustoEsteban ObandoPiano
Aaron ArnoldEsteban ObandoPiano
Jasmine ArnoldEsteban ObandoPiano
Chloe PuEsteban ObandoPiano
Lila FlandersJason GoldayGuitar
Noah BeubisJason GoldayGuitar
Henry TeltserJason GoldayGuitar
Becca PuJason GoldayGuitar
Katherine FraustoSara JonesViolin
Todd OtgonbayerSara JonesViolin

Performance II

Student Arrival Time = 3:10 pm
Concert Start Time = 3:30 pm

Student's NameTeacher's NameInstrument
Eric HongAlyse HokampPiano
Noah HongAlyse HokampPiano
Willow CooperArmin MarianoPiano
Jaden BirungCameron GhahremaniPiano
Emilio LoisCameron GhahremaniTrumpet
Audrey RomoCameron GhahremaniPiano
Tanner LongChristine SmitPiano
Adam ChenDylan EwenPiano
Michelle ErdenebatElzbieta NawrockaPiano
Kaitlyn HutterMichelle PanPiano
Emily LeeMercedes QuitanaViolin
Chloe SaroughianMercedes QuitanaViolin
Rayhan ZengMercedes QuitanaViolin
Owen L. ChenNan DengPiano
Victoria TaoStephanie ParsonsVoice
Beatrix KauTina ChapkinyanViolin
Olivia KauTina ChapkinyanViolin/Piano
Meghann DeJesusTina ChapkinyanViolin
Logan WongVictor CarracedoDrums
Alec FrancisVictor CarracedoDrums

Performance III

Student Arrival Time = 5:10 pm
Concert Start Time = 5:30 pm

Student's NameTeacher's NameInstrument
Victoria WangDanny GodwinPiano
Acelynn LukitoDanny GodwinPiano
Harrison PorterDanny GodwinPiano
Cara YamamotoDanny GodwinPiano
Oliver YehPatrick ShiroishiPiano
Zoie YehDanny GodwinPiano
Story ScottDanny GodwinPiano
Devon ScottDanny GodwinPiano
Maya BennettDanny GodwinPiano
Kristen WongDrew AronGuitar
Frida NavaDrew AronGuitar
Jayden PeaseEnrico ArcaroGuitar
Elisa SommerhalderKunyou GuanPiano
Koren MoyalKunyou GuanPiano
Carolina SalazarKunyou GuanPiano
Joseph DavidianKunyou GuanPiano
Delilah DavidianKunyou GuanPiano
Kathleen CaseyKunyou GuanPiano
Maebh WuNan DengPiano
Emma SalazarNan DengPiano
Olivia YamamotoJuan SixtoGuitar