2024 Spring Music Recital

Sunday, March 10 2024

All performances are free to the public. Please be sure to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled start of your show. As a courtesy to performers, attendees will only be allowed to enter/exit the auditorium during breaks in the performance. Onsite parking is available.  Additional parking if needed would be street parking available on Central Ave.

On the day of the performance:

  • Dress code: Boys = collared shirts, slacks and dress shoes.  Girls = formal dress or skirt, blouse and slacks.  Female Guitarists = long skirt or slacks.
  • Please DO NOT wear jeans or tennis shoes whatsoever.
  • When you arrive, locate the cafeteria building that is in the center of campus. You will recognize the building by the large glass entrance/wall as you approach the building. Walk in and locate SMMC staff/teacher for assigned seating.  STUDENTS: PLEASE BRING YOUR MUSIC (if it is not memorized)!
  • Feel free to take pictures and record video, but please SILENCE ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES out of respect to the performers.
  • PARKING: Onsite parking is available and is accessible from Highland Ave between Central Ave and Huntington Drive. Additional parking is available as street parkin on Central Ave if needed.

Please note: The order of the performers in the table below does not represent the actual performance order for each show.

Location: California School of the Arts

1401 Highland Ave, Duarte, CA 91010.

Performance I

Student Arrival Time = 11 am
Concert Start Time = 11:15 am

Student's NameTeacher's NameInstrument
Joanna WangGrace JoungPiano
Jack EldringhoffGrace JoungPiano
Charlotte EldringhoffSam KimCello
Karrah ChoiselatElva TangPiano
Christina ChengAlvaro Carmena-BlackPiano
Emily XuLu JiangPiano
Kara WangArmin MarianoPiano
John Paul JimenezArmin MarianoViolin
Liam PowersArmin MarianoViolin
Charlie PowersArmin MarianoViolin
Alice WolfmanCameron GhahremaniPiano
Zach VaskoCameron GhahremaniPiano
Lorraine LiaoCameron GhahremaniPiano
Leah WhitfieldAlicia KuchViolin
Mateo NavarreteTom FongPiano
Quinn ChangTom FongPiano
Peter Chou SternbergTom FongPiano
Carlo RepettoVictor Alvarez CarracedoDrums

Performance II

Student Arrival Time = 12:15 pm
Concert Start Time = 12:30 pm

Student's NameTeacher's NameInstrument
Christopher LiuJustyna MisiewiczPiano
Avril DengJustyna MisiewiczPiano
Kaylie LinJustyna MisiewiczPiano
Isabella VelayosJustyna MisiewiczPiano
Jeremy IrelandJustyna MisiewiczPiano
Aaron GinJustyna MisiewiczPiano
Arthur GinRob WolkDrums
Eason JinRob WolkDrums
Emily ZhuMelody LinPiano
Sofia ShenMelody LinPiano
Steve ShenMelody LinPiano
Eliza BabcockJullanar GamboaVoice
Fernando DiazMercedes QuintanaViolin
Kennedy LalondeMercedes QuintanaViolin
Sofia FigueroaMercedes QuintanaViolin
Hugo TeltserTamao CmrialPiano
Emma SalazarTamao CmrialPiano

Performance III

Student Arrival Time = 1:45 pm
Concert Start Time = 2:00 pm

Student's NameTeacher's NameInstrument
Eres KoldenJason GoldayGuitar
Whit WatlingtonJason GoldayGuitar
Riley WongJason GoldayGuitar
Stella GuevarraJason GoldayGuitar
Renee LiAlexandra EngenFlute
Roxton ChericoAlexandra EngenPiano
Carrie LinAlexandra EngenPiano
Quinn ArtigueAlexandra EngenPiano
Kusha CarrAlexandra EngenPiano
Libby RalphCamden BoylePiano
Benjamin JumpCamden BoylePiano
Olivia TsaiCamden BoylePiano
Jonah WilcoxCamden BoylePiano
Chelsea GeeOsvaldo GonzalezClarinet
Junniya HamOsvaldo GonzalezClarinet
Kate PatrickOsvaldo GonzalezClarinet
Christian ReedKris FeldmanVoice
Lavinia AxumeJonathan LucasPiano
Owen ChenJonathan LucasPiano
Amos KitaniJonathan LucasPiano