Student of the Month, March 2021

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Hugo T.

Student at the pianoHugo has been taking piano lessons since a very early age. As he has grown, Hugo has been steadily improving into a very capable pianist. His sight reading skills have come a long way since he first started. Hugo is engaged during his online music lessons and always gives a good, consistent effort. Hugo is not beyond asking for help when it comes to difficult parts in his music. It shows a level of care and commitment to his playing that is refreshing for someone his age.

Well done Hugo! Keep up the great effort and progress!

Hannah K.

Child with violinHannah K. has been taking violin lessons at SMMC since July of last year, but had been playing the instrument prior to joining SMMC. Since she started during the pandemic, Hannah’s entire experience has been through online music lessons. As her violin instructor, Ms. Merecedes puts it, “I have picked Hannah because I am so proud of how fast she is flying through book Suzuki Violin Book 2! Hannah always shows up to lessons well prepared having practiced well and with a very positive attitude.  She is just a pleasure to work with. Recently, she learned the new technique of shifting on violin and she caught on right away. I am excited to keep working with her and start her learning vibrato soon!”

That is awesome to hear! Well done Hannah and congratulations from all of us here at San Marino Music Center!

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