Student of the Month, May 2021

Violin Student Chloe C.

Chloe has been taking violin lessons with SMMC since May 2018. In March of last year, Chloe made the switch to online music lessons like many other students and has not stopped progressing since.

Chloe earned the award with dedicated practice and a willingness to work on new techniques during her lessons. As her teacher puts it, “From the start, Chloe has been a student who puts 200% into how she’s learning and what she’s playing. She isn’t afraid to try anything new or difficult. I am always throwing a new etude, scale, technique, or piece at her and she handles it like a champ. I believe that’s what has helped her progress so much and so quickly. Every week I’m astonished by her talent and I’m so glad to be on this journey with her.

Congratulations from all of us at SMMC and keep up the great music!

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