Student of the Month, October 2021

Student Of The Month, October 2021

Piano Student, Milo T.

SMMC piano student
You can’t see it from the mask, but Milo is all smiles under the covering!

Milo has been taking piano lessons at SMMC since November 2020. Milo was one of the first students to register when we started reopening the Center following the pandemic shutdowns. We are so happy his family felt safe with SMMC’s lesson protocols to have Milo begin his musical journey with us! In the past 11 months, Milo has developed a strong foundation for the piano. In just that short time, Milo has become adept at reading music for his level. He has a good sense of rhythm that is on display in the video below. Lastly, Milo has good sitting and hand posture at the piano which facilitate his ability to play.

It was clear to his piano instructor very early that Milo has a natural affinity for the piano. He often goes well beyond his assigned pages in the book and shows up having learned new music on his own. In his lesson, Milo is very easy to work with and takes instruction easily. He does not pout when asked to try something again-he simply does it. With regularity, Milo arrives to his music lesson in good spirits, with a large smile and an eagerness to learn new music!

As his piano instructor, Ms. Jojo puts it, “Milo has been my student for more than half a year now and has made tremendous improvements. He started off as a beginner and showed great enthusiasm and curiosity to learn the instrument from day 1. Milo comes to his lessons well-prepared, sometimes even letting me know that he practiced beyond what he was assigned for the week! For his age, he is a music student of great discipline and hard work. With his very supportive parents, he embodies the spirit and standard of a SMMC Student of the Month! It is my pleasure to nominate such a dedicated student this month! I cannot wait to see what the future beholds for this young, bright star!

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