Top 5 Reasons Parents Like Online Music Lessons

Online Music Lesson

It’s hard to imagine that nearly one year ago, we went from 100% in person lessons to 100% online music lessons. Since then, parents with children of all ages have become accustomed to receiving instruction remotely.  What’s more, our music teachers have become skillful and resourceful at teaching online.  Most importantly, at a time where “normal” activities for youth have yet to resume like it once was, online music lessons have provided continuity for children.  They have become way to stay connected and an outlet for expression. Read and hear what SMMC parents have had to say about their experience.

Top 5 Reasons Why Remote Lessons ROCK!


Online music lessons brings a sense of normalcy.

It’s a real shame that many of our music students had to stop or pause the things they love. Swim lessons, gymnastics, dance, scouting and numerous sports are just a few examples of activities put on hold. Having online music lessons became a blessing in disguise for students who wanted to continue to make music.  With all the effort and time practicing to gain aptitude for an instrument, we are glad SMMC can continue to be available for students who want to learn!

Shook Yee, mother of Maya who takes piano lessons, explains: “The teacher is wonderful and engages really well with our child. Online music lessons ensures that she continues with her lessons; she has finished the current book that she’s on and moved onto other books.

We are glad that Maya chose to continue her music classes. To check out Shook Yee’s full video testimonial, click HERE.


Parents are busier than ever working from home, helping their kids stay on track with school and dealing with the usual household workload.  Students taking online music lessons make it easier to get things done by offering flexible lesson times and preventing an extra trip outside of the house.  Students have even signed into lessons while on vacation or from a relatives’ house-now that’s flexibility!  On the teacher’s side, there tends to be more availability as well, making scheduling much easier between parent and student.

Tanya, the mother of Terra who takes voice lessons, explains “The teacher and my daughter still have a great connection! The teacher keeps her on task and that has really exceeded my expectations. Online music lessons have kept my daughter engaged and progressing and still having fun.

To check out Tanya’s full video testimonial, click HERE.


Many parents are surprised by the quality of the connection and instruction students are receiving online. SMMC parents have informed us that although they were apprehensive at first about online music lessons, they are now reassured as their children have continued to progress equally as much as when they did in person lessons. That is a real testament to everyone’s commitment to ensuring music students have a good experience.

Melissa, mother of Ellie (flute) and Nicholas (guitar), shares “I have to say, I have been pleasantly surprised by my children’s progress in music. My son has made tremendous gains and I really think he’s getting the same kind of instruction online as he would in person. Even with the transition, my children have never missed a step!

To check out Melissa’s full video testimonial, click HERE.


Parents have come to realize their children are REALLY fond of their music instructors! That is not surprising as bonding over music can be a fulfilling experience. Music teachers don’t just teach students how to play an instrument. They teach them about developing a work ethic, discipline, and develop a person’s experience knowing they can achieve their goals when they put in the work.  Within those teachings, a true friendship develops.

Khanh, the mother of guitar student Juliet, describes her experience saying “Since Covid hit us last March, my daughter has been going online and she loves her instructor! She still feels very connected. The staff there are fabulous and they make you feel a part of their community. I recommend it to everyone!

To check out Khanh’s full video testimonial, click HERE.


For many music students, the time, effort and care taken into developing their skill is personal and something to be appreciated.  The shutdowns brought on by the pandemic forced many to suddenly hit pause on taking music lessons. That meant students had to halt their progress and lose the momentum they had in their practice and progress.  Without the guide of a coach, students have no direction and wind up playing the same music over and over or quitting altogether.

Alternatively, students who transitioned to online music lessons not only kept the skills they diligently worked on developing, they enhanced those skills. Students who stayed connected with their music teachers progressed to new music and new levels. With fewer commitments on their schedule, many students took to practicing more than ever before. Ironically, the students who continued with online music lessons progressed FASTER than when they had in person lessons!

Online music lessons is not the answer for everybody. Very young children aged 5-6 who are just beginning to learn have an easier time learning with in person instruction. This is not to say online lessons are not manageable for this age group, but they require the presence of an adult to facilitate the instruction, communicate the ideas and keep the student on task. However, older, more self-reliant children are more than capable of learning music remotely. The added flexibility it brings to parents in terms of schedule is just icing on the cake. However, you won’t know until you see for yourself. Visit our online store to book an online trial lesson for yourself and see if it is right for you!

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