What's The Latest?

2019 Winter Group Classes

We are offering a four group classes for the winter: "Music Camp" on MLK & President's Day, a weekly "Rock Band" class and two new offerings in "Guitar for Adults" and "Music Production".  We are gonna start 2019 with a BANG!

Pianos For Sale/Rent

We have a set of three pianos looking for a home! One Yamaha U2H for sale and two Kawai BL32 for rent.  Click here for more information!

Music In Action

This is our motto and it is what we try to embody on a daily basis.  Whether it's through our music lessons, our music classes, our rental programs, our community involvement, or the merchandise we carry, our goal is simple: to bring MUSIC into your life.  We're hard at work to become your destination for music lessons and instrument sales/rentals.


We live and breath music.  Whether it's giving music lessons, writing, performing or just listening, it's our way of life.  To impart a fraction of our passion to our students is not only fulfilling, but it enriches our lives as musicians and teachers.  Our goal is to teach musical skills, but also to work with each individual to reach their own goals-whether it's preparing for auditions, recitals and testing, or simply to learn a favorite song or to be a young child's first musical experience.  We've done it all and we're here to do it again!

Instrument Sales & Rentals

We carry a complete assortment of instruments available for purchase or for rent!  Whether you need in instrument for school Band or Orchestra, have always wanted to play Guitar but never got the chance, or are looking to upgrade your keyboard to a real Piano, stop by our Mission Showroom to check out our Rental or Sale options.







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