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Rachel Turner

Rachel Turner is recognized as on of the pair of "Students of the Month" for August.  Rachel has consistently been taking online lessons since the start of the shut down orders back in March.  As Rachel's piano teacher puts it, "Rachel started taking piano lessons exactly one year ago- August 2019. She comes to every lesson well-prepared, with curiosity to learn new notes , new pieces and a positive energy that lights up the virtual room! Her eagerness in learning is especially evident through her active and engaging responses to the questions that I ask during lessons. A very good sight reader, Rachel is also mindful of other fundamental elements such as rhythm and articulation. It is my pleasure to be her first piano teacher and to walk with her on her musical journey!"

Great job Rachel! Congratulations from all of us at San Marino Music Center.

Itusi Yoshioka

Our Mission location would like to congratulate young Itusi Yoshioka as our "Student of the Month" for August 2020!  As his brass teacher Mr. Carlos Peralta explains, "Itusi has come a long way since we started working on trumpet this past fall. The trumpet is a difficult instrument to learn, but Itusi has been adamant in progressing week after week. Itusi brings a positive attitude to his lessons, and always demonstrates that he has made sure to practice. His dedication is also very inspiring, as he makes sure to get his practice time in each day, even if it is in his parent’s car! I am very proud of Itusi and enjoy seeing his development and conviction as a musician!"

Indeed!  Congratulations from all of us at SMMC!

Thank you to our students and parents!

We have compiled a video of our teachers who really want to say "thank you" to all SMMC students and parents for enduring and progressing into online learning.  You are all Rock Stars for making this work and we can't wait until we can see everyone in person again.

A Message From SMMC

Music has many powers. It can move you to tears, unlock hidden memories, heighten a sense of love or loss.  Music can help rally a people together to fight for the greater good.  It's the soundtrack to all of life's experiences.  As musicians, we feel lucky to have a deeper understanding of this power.  We see and feel its profound impact everyday. It has opened us to collaborate with other musicians vastly different than ourselves and has taught us these differences ARE what we have to celebrate about each other.  It's been the medium through which bonds are formed, bridges built, and in some cases, families created.

SMMC instructors are people who come from all corners of the world, bringing a variety of culture and experience.  It is this rich collection of teachers that help our students learn about the universality of music.  Building bonds with music and music teachers from all walks of life lays the foundation for acceptance. Learning from people who look, talk and like different than you teaches you to see those differences as opportunities. Opportunities to grow, learn, live and love freely.  We are proud of what we've built and we support and stand by those individuals who are raising awareness for and stamping out systemic oppression.  Truly, we are all in this together now.



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