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Student of the Month Award Recipients

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Graham Burke

Graham has been taking guitar lessons at San Marino Music Center since August 2016. Way to stick with the lessons Graham!  As his guitar teacher Mr. Jason explains, "Graham has been patient and has slowly developed a new confidence in his playing. Our decision to switch to a pick was not an easy transition for Graham at first.  But he stuck with it and that has helped his overall rhythm and tone. I hope we can continue to build upon this foundation and Graham can stay committed to proper practice and it's benefits."

Great job Graham! Congratulations from all of us at San Marino Music Center.

Ms. Stephanie Parson's Voice Student

Our Mission location is celebrating the achievements of one of Ms. Stephanie Parson's voice students.  As Ms. Parson puts it, "this voice student was chosen for student of the month because she always comes to her lessons with a great attitude and willingness to try new things with her voice. Her vocal technique and song repertoire has expanded since she started taking lessons with me. This result is a product of her diligent practicing and her development of a deeper understanding for her voice and how it works.  Keep up the great progress!"

Well done and congratulations from all of us at SMMC!

Tips To Improve Your Online Music Lessons

We have compiled some basic tutorials to make it easier for you to get connected with our teachers and get the most out of your music lessons online!

How To Download & Join A Zoom Meeting

Step 1: Visit https://zoom.us/download to download and run the ZoomInstaller.exe file for Windows or Mac desktop/laptop.  If installing to a mobile device, visit your devices app store, type Zoom in the search field and install “ZOOM Cloud Meetings”.




Step 2: Open the Zoom application and follow installation instructions.  Upon successful installation, the Zoom application will open and ask you to “Join A Meeting” or “Sign In”.  A Zoom account is not necessary to participate in a meeting (but it is necessary to schedule your own meetings if you are planning to do so).  Select “Join A Meeting”.




Step 3: Enter the nine-digit meeting ID and password given to you by SMMC.  Upon entering the information, you will be taken to a virtual waiting room with the message that reads “Waiting for host to start this meeting”.  Simply stay signed in until your instructor has begun your lesson.  When the instructor starts the meeting, click “Join with computer audio” to enable Zoom to use your device’s audio.

It's as easy as 1-2-3. Now get started and enjoy your online music lesson!

Joining and Configuring Audio and Video

The folks at Zoom have developed this short and useful video to walk you through setting up and configuring your audio and video within the Zoom app.  Check it out and multiple other Zoom video tutorials by clicking HERE!

For a quick step-by-step instruction on improving the sound quality through your Zoom app or account, download and follow these simple step by step instructions!  SETTING UP BETTER ZOOM AUDIO.PDF

Basic Lesson Tips

Conducting music lessons online will take some getting used to, but it’s not much different than Face Timing a relative or far away friend.  However, there are some considerations for when you participate in online music lessons.  Here are some key factors to be aware of:

1. Laptops or Tablet Are Recommended: The mobility of a laptop or tablet along with the large screen size make it an ideal tool for conducting online music lessons. The angle you use for the lesson will depend on the instrument.  For example, piano lessons should be conducted with the camera off to the side (as pictured) or at a birds eye view.  If you are not sure what angle to use, call or email the Center and we can walk you through some recommendations.




2. Be Ready BEFORE You Zoom: A student should have all their necessary material PRIOR to even opening the application.
This includes:
-Having the instrument tuned and ready!
-Have your music and your music stand in position.
-Have your accessories (metronome, tuners, rosin, picks, reeds, etc.) at arm’s reach.
-Be in a room free from interruption and turn your cell phone off.
-Have a notebook and pencil readily available to take notes as needed.
-Use the restroom prior to the lesson so you are not interrupted during the lesson.


Step 3. Waiting Room: Once you enter your Zoom meeting, you will be sent to a waiting room to wait for your teacher to start the session.  During this time, the student should be warming up with their instrument in preparation for the lesson.


Step 4. Use Headphones:When possible, it’s better to use a set of headphones or earbuds to be able to hear the instructor more clearly and to block out any outside noise.

Step 5. Connection Latency: All connections will have some form of lag time. Be ready for this by making sure you listen carefully and try not to interrupt midsentence.  Let the teacher finish their thoughts before jumping in.  If need be, raise your hand so the teacher knows you would like to say something.

Step 6. Younger Students: For students ages 7 and younger, it’s best to have an adult present to make sure the student remains focused during the lesson and understands the instruction given. Since the teacher is not physically present, it helps to have an adult around to be able to get the teacher’s point across.

Stay Connected!