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Kaylie Lin

Kaylie has been taking piano lessons at SMMC for close to two years now.  In March, she immediately made the switch to online lessons. As her teacher, Ms. Justyna writes, "Transitioning to online learning can be challenging, but Kaylie adapted very quickly to the new way of instruction and is eager to learn more challenging repertoire with each lesson. With her positive attitude, she absorbs new information quickly and she can already recognize many chords, both major and minor. Kaylie has been moving on with her lesson book quite rapidly. Recently, we selected a second book, Keith Snell's "Piano Repertoire," and she has learned some little pieces by famous composers of the Baroque era. Besides, Kaylie learned a few Christmas songs for the Holidays and she has the musical ability to memorize her music with ease. I challenge her with practicing random measures and sections and she always follows the instructions with attention to detail. Above all, Kaylie's personality makes it very fun to work with. Keep up the excellent job Kaylie!"

Wow!  That is very high praise! Congratulations from all of us at San Marino Music Center.

Megan Seldon

Megan has been taking violin lessons at SMMC for 2 years now. She has been making really good progress in learning many different violin techniques. As her violin teacher Mr. Armin explains, "Megan is a delight to work with and is developing as a musician.  Some of the more advanced techniques we have been practicing are intentionally playing on 2 strings at the same time (double stops) and how to play with a smooth, consistent vibrato.  Although challenging, Megan has made steady progress in developing these techniques. In addition, Megan has been working on developing her ability to read rhythms with and without the instrument. She gets better and better at doing this each lesson which makes sight reading a lot easier for her to do. Megan is very careful and methodical when she learns new pieces. In our lessons she works hard and does not give up when the music is difficult. She learns a lot and puts that knowledge into practice easily. Keep up the good work Megan!"

Congratulations Megan from all of us here at San Marino Music Center!

Thank You For Loving Us On Yelp!

Thank you to everyone who has ever reviewed SMMC on Yelp! Our profile is a solid 5 stars and Yelp recognized us with their sought after "People Love Us" sticker. In a year with a lot of downs, this has really lifted our spirits and made us so "HAPPY". Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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