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Brayden Wong

Brayden Wong is recognized as November's "Students of the Month" from our Huntington location! As his music teacher explains, "Apart from all the fun things we learn in music, there are many challenges along the way. Brayden has recently moved to a more intermediate level in his piano playing. The melody and the rhythms are much more complicated and there are more musical elements to express and keep track. Elements like phrasing, articulation and a larger focus on technique. Although there are more challenges, Brayden always shows patience in learning these new concepts and shows consistency in his own practice. This is the foundation for his significant improvement! So great job, Brayden! "

Great job indeed! Congratulations from all of us at San Marino Music Center.

Anastasia Arrieta

Anastasia Arrieta is recognized as the November student of month at the Mission location. She has been taking guitar lessons with Mr. Kyle at SMMC just over one year. She has a true love for singer-songwriter music and musical theatre. In addition to having a keen interest in both of these musical facets, Anastasia is also an excellent reader on her instrument and continually progresses her musical skillset each and every week.

In recent days she has begun utilizing her talent, experience, and skillset to compose her own music. By combining her background with singing in musical theatre and her skills as a guitarist, she is able to create a sound unique to her. The music she writes is both authentic and skillful. We’re all eager to hear her progress in her creative endeavors and continue to sharpen her skills as a musician.

Congratulations Anastasia from all of us here at San Marino Music Center!

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SMMC is proud to offer online instrument rentals for the FIRST TIME EVER!  In an effort to reduce the number of persons who may need to visit the shop, we now offer the convenience of renting any of our instruments online.  Here's how the process works:

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It is that quick and easy!  Click the link below to see our assortment of instruments available to rent.  And as always, wash hands, practice physical distance and STAY SAFE!

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