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Brayden Wong

"Brayden is a bright, young student who has been taking piano lessons for one year. In a relatively short time he has progressed steadily each week. In class, it is evident that he is putting in the practice time at home and that he enjoys playing and learning new pieces. Brayden has a wonderful sense of humor and a very good ear. Every class I look forward to hearing which new movie/tv theme he has picked out by ear. He is a joy to teach and I see a bright future for him as he continues his musical studies."

Congratulations from all of us at San Marino Music Center!


Emma Shen

"Emma is a talented musician and has been working very hard at the piano. Emma has been taking piano lessons for exactly one year now. She’s only 7 years old but she picked up the blues feel almost instantly. There are older students who take a long time to learn it and they still find it difficult to swing like she does! Even if she struggles with a piece or a new technique, she always works hard to get better at it and aces it in the end. Emma practices almost daily and is a good example of a star student!"

Congratulations from all of us at San Marino Music Center!


New Musical Instrument Arrivals!

Our Mission location has gotten a minor face lift with all the new gear!

If you have been to our Mission location lately, you've undoubtedly noticed the new merchandise we've recently hung on the walls and put out on display. We are quite proud and happy to be able to bring in some top quality instruments from makers such as Fender, Washburn Guitars, Hagstrom Guitars, Jasmine Guitars, Sunlite Guitars
& Ukuleles, Hilo Ukuleles, Diamond Head Ukuleles and string instruments by Classical Strings, USA! With renowned names such as these, we now have instruments available for entry level music students on through to professional musicians! We will be making all these instruments available at our online store in the coming weeks, but feel free to stop by and take one of these instruments for a test drive yourself!

Hagstrom Viking

Hagstrom Guitars

Originally from Sweden, Hagstrom has been producing guitars since 1958.Hagstrom is known for making a wide range of solid body, semi-hollow and full-hollow body guitars. The original Hagstrom company closed shop in 1983, but in 2004, a group of investors got together to recreate these classic guitars with a modern approach. Original lines like the "Viking", "Swede" and "Superswede" have been given new life! The company has also invented new lines altogether like the the Impala, the Condor and the Pat Smear signature model. Stop by our store to play these modern takes on guitar classics!

Takamine Guitars

Takamine Guitars started as a small, family run company in 1959. The company is named after the Mount Takamine from the town of Sakashita, Japan. The  company has a long standing tradition of making fine quality classical and steel string guitars. With a rich history of close to 60 years in production, the name represents quality and dependability to produce beautiful sounding instrumnets.

Washburn Guitars

Washburn Guitars has been building guitars in the United States since 1883! Known primarily as a steel-string acoustic guitar maker for most of it's rich history, Washburn also makes beautiful classical and electric guitars alike. The first Washburn electric guitar was made in 1976 and since then, the company has expanded it's line of electric guitars to provide models like Parallaxe, Sonamaster, Hollowbody and Jazz Series to name a few. What you can expect from these guitars is wonderful playability, amazing tone, and an aesthetic appeal that will fuel your creativity everytime you strike the chords. We are truly excited to have these guitars available to you!

Classical Strings

This company was established in 2005 by luthier John Wu. Mr. Wu apprenticed as a violin maker from a very young age in his home country of China. He has won awards for his instruments from the National Violin Making Competition in China and by the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers. Our relationship with Mr. Wu has helped us provide quality violins, violas and cellos for instrumentalists at all levels, from beginners to advanced, college level students. Even at the beginner level, these instruments are made from a combination of maple, spruce, ebony and french oak. Every year, we sell and rent a variety of these instruments  to students in surrounding orchestral programs and we proud of quality these instruments provide for beginners taking their first steps.

These are only some of the options you can expect to find at our Center. As we continue to grow, you can rely on our dedication to bringing quality music services to the San Marino community and surrounding neighborhoods for years to come. We invite you to stop by our store to try one of these beautiful instruments yourselves. Cheers!

Sisilia & John Axume
Owners/Piano & Guitar Instructors

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