Fall Music Feast 2017

We had a fun-filled afternoon of music on Sunday, November 19th, as we conducted our "Fall Music Feast" recital!  We had over 70 students perform throughout the entire afternoon.  Students are broken up into three separate programs, each being a mixture of instruments and levels.  The audience gets to witness everything from a beginners first steps onto the "big stage" to great displays of musicianship from some of our seasoned students.  This past recital, we heard a mixture that included pianists, cellists, violinists, guitarists, vocalists and more! It's a wonderful afternoon of music and a great celebration!

Thank you to our good friend and colleague, Mr. Feliz Salazar ( for lending his talent and taking these pictures.

Award Trophies
Teacher and student
Piano student
Guitar student
Vocal student
Piano student
Guitar student
Drum student
Trumpet student
Piano student
Guitar student
Saxophone student
Violin student
Guitar student
Clarinet student
Rock Band
Piano student
Music Students
Music Teachers

Video Highlights

Aaron Lee-Classical Guitarist

Celine Chih-Violinist

Maria Paz-Vocalist

Emmy & Tina-String Duet

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