2018 Spring-Break Class Schedule

Tiny Finger Piano

As one of our most popular group classes, it's back for a one week run during Spring Break! Don't miss this opportunity to get your young children exposed to music and piano lessons.  The class is run in an engaging and encouraging manner in an effort to spark musical interests in all students!  We are offering two, one-week sessions in late March and early April.  See details below:

You Can Uke Too!

This is our beginner ukulele class in for a one week installment for Spring Break! Students will learn basic chords and basic strum patterns in a fun environment.  Participants will also learn basic notation and rhythm concepts as it pertains to the course book.  Lastly, students will learn to play excerpts from today's pop songs that utilize the ukulele! See details below:

Rock Guitar 101!

Want to know what it takes to become a Rock Guitar Icon? The only way to know is to study from the greats themselves! In this class, students will learn basic rock guitar techniques used by the great guitarists of our time and apply those techniques to the songs written by these same guitarists! Students will learn popular riff's based off of the songs written by Jimmy Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Slash and others! Are you READY TO ROCK? See details below:

Contemporary Vocal Improvisation

For the voice student who is ready to take their instrument to the next level, we offer this workshop.  Contemporary Vocal Improvisation is a voice masterclass that meets once per week to learn the techniques of vocal improvisation.  Students will learn and discuss musical form, structure and harmony of contemporary songs.  Then, students learn how melody fit into these harmonies and the techniques used to alter the melodies themselves!  The class focuses on artful expression through practical application of music technique.  Get on board before the class fills up!

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