Vic Firth KidPhones Sound Isolating Earphone



-Reduce overall noise levels by 22 DB
-Kid-sized for perfect fit and protection
-Lightweight and padded for comfortability
-Sturdy construction

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Vic Firth KidPhones Sound Isolating Earphone

These sound isolating earphones are a indispensable tool for any young musician to have. Protecting one’s hearing, especially at a young age, is not just for drummers but anyone who plays a loud instrument. The KidPhones are designed specifically to protect children’s hearing from high volume instruments. Whether they are a drummer, pianist, electric guitarist or simply in a loud environment, these are an essential tool. The KidPhones earphones reduce overall noise levels by 22 decibels. The small size make them the perfect fit for young children. They are lightweight with foam padding over the ear and headband to ensure a comfortable fit. Noise-induced hearing loss can be permanent and irreversible. But, damage to hearing can be preventable  especially with the use of headphones like these. Learning to play and experience live music is great, but it’s also important to protect your hearing while doing it!

These headphones are not collapsible, making it easier for a young child to put them on and take them off themselves. The sturdy design will stand up to the challenge that comes with being used by young children too! Not only are they user friendly, lots of SMMC students rave about how comfortable the headphones are. That’s important because they are only effective when worn! These headphones are for purely acoustic purposes. They do not have any electrical components so you don’t have to worry about batteries, wires or anything of the sort. Make a parent happy and purchase these for that little ruckus rocker in your family!

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