SMMC’s Top 5 Ukuleles

Why These Ukuleles Are A Perfect Choice

There are several factors that go into making a good ukulele. Materials used, playability of the instrument, the size and the price point are all important considerations. Similarly, there are aspects to stay away from when buying a ukulele. For example, instruments with heavy gloss or paint are generally made from very poor-quality wood. The heavy coating is there to cover up the fact. Plastic instruments are good as toys, but a “no, no” if you want to use it to learn music. Playability not only speaks to comfort, but also if the instrument can stay in tune. If it can’t, don’t buy it.

At SMMC, we carry select, reputable brands to get good instruments in the hands of those who need them. Currently, we have ukuleles for both beginner and intermediate level students alike. These are brands we have experience selling for years and have garnered great reviews from those who have bought them.  Let’s get into the selection!


The Sunlite Music Corp. makes has been in business since the 1980’s. Predominantly recognized as a guitar maker when it first appeared, Sunlite’s products have expanded to include ukuleles as well as percussion instruments.

US-300 Soprano Ukulele

The US-300 is a soprano ukulele that features a sapele top, back and sides for a uniform look all the way around. This wood is in the African mahogany family and has become a very common wood used for guitars and ukuleles alike. As a tonewood, its considered to be consistent, well balanced with slightly higher treble punch than typical mahogany. Playability is consistent throughout the range of the neck and presents no difficulties for beginners. The white rim binding adds a slight sophistication to what is considered an entry level ukulele.  This little instrument will not disappoint!

Checkout a short video on how this instrument plays by visiting our shop listing here:

US-500 Soprano Ukulele

The US-500 soprano ukulele is the next level up in the Sunlite catalog. The top is solid spruce with sapele back and sides. As a tonewood, spruce is considered a tighter grain that produces a sound with more attack. What this means is the sound will cut through and be more trebly than warm. The finish on the top is satin, which really helps to feature the grain. With a maple fingerboard, sonokeling bridge and easy playability, this is a great instrument for either a beginner or someone looking for a “step up” instrument.

Checkout a short video how this instrument plays by visiting our shop listing here:

Eddy Finn

Eddy Fin ukuleles are really fun instruments with unique personality. With the distinct fin shaped sound hole and off centered headstock design, these ukulele’s easily catch the attention of both novices and seasoned players alike.

EF-9 Soprano Ukulele

Eddy Finn EF-9 Soprano Ukulele

As mentioned previously, the sound hole is the first thing that pops out on this and all Eddy Finn ukulele models.  Upon close look, the instrument is made of tropical mahogany top, back and sides.  The beautiful reddish color and grain of the wood are accentuated with a satin finish.  The walnut bridge comes in a crescent-like shape as opposed to the more typical rectangular bridge.  To top things off, the herringbone trim adds a unique and exotic Tiki type look and feel that is unique and cool all at once. Blackwood is used for the fingerboard and outfitted with Aquila strings, these ukuleles are just as fun to hear and play as they are to look at!

Eddy Finn EF-9

EF-Moon & Stars Concert Ukulele

Eddy Finn Moon & Stars Soprano Ukulele
Eddy Finn Moon & Stars Ukulele

This ukulele is made out of the same components as the EF-9, making it a great option for someone looking for a bit more style.  The much bigger, rounder frame does impart more volume to this ukulele and it has a wider sound spectrum for the same reason. Ultimately, the difference comes down to personality.  For someone who prefers that “vintage” vaudevillian style, this ukulele is for them.

Teton Ukuleles

Teton Guitars (pronounced TEE TAWN) is owned by the Chesbro Music Company of Idaho Falls.  This music company has been around for over a century, so we like to think they know what they are doing in terms of quality products. SMMC has been very happy with the guitars and ukuleles we’ve carried by Teton and you will be too!

Teton TS003 Soprano Ukulele

The TS003 is an all-mahogany ukulele. Unlike our other soprano mahogany ukuleles, this one comes with a rosewood bridge and rosewood fingerboard. The result is an ever slightly warmer sounding instrument-soothing and easy to listen to. It comes with an open grain satin finish that really showcases the mahogany red. The silver-colored Teton logo is prominently displayed on the headstock. The use of chrome tuning gears adds a nice pop to the overall look of the instrument as well. 

Teton TS103 Soprano Ukulele

Teton US103 Soprano Ukulele

Like the TS003, this is an all-mahogany ukulele. The difference is the top on this model is one solid piece. The rest of the material used between the two are the same.  Another key difference is the 103 uses white trim on the binding. Although purely ornamental, it does add a bit more character to the instrument compared to the TS003. Playability for either of these soprano ukuleles is not an issue-they are highly comfortable and suitable for the beginner or experienced player.

SMMC’s selection is continuously growing and these are just some of the representative brands and models we carry. When it comes to ukuleles, not only do we have the instruments, we also have books, accessories, stands, tuners, strings-you name it.  We encourage you to stop by our Mission showroom to take one of these instruments for a test drive.  See how it feels and plays in your hands.  We look forward to seeing you here!

Check out the latest inventory at our online shop by clicking HERE or stop by our Mission showroom to see what else we have in stock. Cheers and happy ukulele playing!