Top 5 Reasons Why Students Like Online Music Lessons

Many SMMC families immediately halted their music lessons when the pandemic hit in March 2020.  And for good reason-none of us knew what to expect and needed the time to make sense of our new normal.  Since then, many of our former in person students have enrolled in online music lessons.  We took the time to ask these students about their experience.  Here is what they had to say:

Top 5 Reasons Students Like Online Music Lessons

Learn New Music

Piano student at the keyboard

Many of our students expressed they enjoy their online lessons because they continue to learn new music. Students who had stopped taking lessons lost motivation to continue learning on their own. These students experienced drastic reduction in playing or stopped playing music altogether!  Without the guide of a music teacher, students often lost motivation as they felt they had no direction. With online music lessons, students continue to make progress in developing their skills. They stick to learning out of the books they used for in person lessons and progress from one level to the next. This gives students a reason to practice and a sense of purpose for it.

Having A Mentor

Guitar student has online lesson

Having a teacher guide your practice is essential to making progress.  A qualified teacher makes the right recommendations to push a student forward.  Similarly, working with a teacher ensures a student learns to play the right way and prevents “bad habits” from settling in. Even more importantly, a good teacher knows how to empathize with the challenges a student faces while learning an instrument. Indeed, teachers have faced and overcome these challenges. It’s important for students to hear from someone who has been through the same experience in order to not get discouraged.


Violin students with their teacher online

The pandemic has been hard on everyone!  Our students have expressed joy in participating in their music lessons. It has become a positive experience for them and a highlight of their week.  They often say things like “I really look forward to having my lesson and seeing my teacher because it’s a fun break from my usual routine”. SMMC teachers know how to engage with music students in order to make learning fun.  They know what music to pick to get students excited while at the same time challenging enough to keep them progressing.  All students enjoy learning when they have fun and that positive experience bleeds into the rest of the week for them. 


Piano student shares her opinion

Our music students have expressed they are REALLY fond of their instructors! That is not surprising as bonding over music can be a fulfilling experience. Music teachers don’t just teach students how to play an instrument. They teach them about developing a work ethic, discipline, and that they can achieve their goals when they put in the work. Music teachers are also a support group.  They boost a student’s confidence when needed and instill a belief in the student that they are capable of achievement. In this way, the music lesson transcends the mere aspect of learning an instrument.

Creative Outlet

Violin student and her teacher online

2020 had more than its fair share of stress inducing events.  Having music as an outlet to deal with anxiety, sadness or worries can prove vital and therapeutic for ALL students to deal with life’s challenges.  Fostering creativity is an important aspect for emotional development at any age.  Our online music lessons have served this function for many students over the past year. Having an outlet to be able to creatively express how you are feeling goes a long way for students and aids in getting them through the tough times in life.

Check out the video of students and their testimonials by clicking HERE.

SMMC was once a vibrant place bustling with activity. On weekdays, we had over 40 students visiting our facility.  Twice that amount on Saturday.  Nowadays, the majority of that activity takes place online.  As we move close to safely offering more in person lessons, our option for online music lessons will provide a safe and secure way for students and teachers to connect and make music.  We invite you to give it a try and booking your online lesson by visiting our online store.  See if this option is the right fit for you.