Cello VC-80


Instrument Features

Top: Alaskan Spruce
Back, Rib, Neck: Alaskan Maple
Bridge: French Despiau Maple
Strings: D’Addario Helicore
Chinrest: Ebony
Fingerboard & Pegs: Ebony
Tailpiece: Wittner
Bow: Carbon fiber
Shipping: Local pickup only!

Case, bow and setup included.

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Cello Model VC-80

Our VC 80 model is a handmade student cello suitable for the beginning to intermediate player. These instruments are made with 8 year aged Alaskan Maple for the back, rib and neck. The top is made of 8 year aged Alaskan Spruce. The instrument is lightly varnished using antique reddish brown for a superb look that does not restrict the wood’s natural sound. Ebony is used for the fingerboard and pegs, a Wittner tailpiece (German made) with fine tuners and French Despiau maple bridge supporting D’Addario Helicore strings complete the set up. These finely crafted cellos are great options for the beginner looking to get a head start or for the intermediate student ready for an upgrade. The VC 80 comes standard with heavy duty padded bag with straps and a carbon fiber bow sporting natural Mongolian horsehair and with an ebony frog.

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